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Total solution for thread rolling, spline rolling, chipless process and precision gears manufacturer. Govama is a manufacturer specialized in roller thread rolling machines. They have far more than 40 years expertise in this field. Fastmatec is collaborating agent for many European nations. The ORT variety currently contains over 30 models, either PLC or CNC controlled, we can provide brand new, nearly brand new and also employed machines for sale in the UK and Worldwide.

two die cylindrical thread rolling machine 

As a result, shear strength is vastly improved and threads resist ‘stripping’ when in situ simply because any failures need to happen across the diameter rather than with the grain. We offer you the premium quality Scaffolding Machinery that offers high-volume production. We offer all machine for running Scaffolding Unit.

External profiles – The economic production of external spline profiles with first class quality is a present and existential challenge for makers and suppliers everywhere. Now PROFIROLL proudly presents the ROLLEX-Series – the most popular machines for realization of these particular tasks. Additionally the PROFIROLL team enlarges the item variety countinuously to serve your interests.

Provision is also created in a two die roll machine for adjustably tilting the dies separately. This is accomplished in one particular building by mounting a assistance for each die roll on a pivot body which supplies for swinging the die axis in a typical plane with the function axis to adjust for taper, and wherein the pivot physique is in turn adjustable about an axis perpendicular to its personal axis so as to tilt the die roll axes oppositely in parallel planes for thread matching. The die roll help and pivot body might also be fixed as a unit and moved laterally to adjust for operate size. Such a machine might, if preferred and preferably, em? physique any of the above described work feeding and removing features.

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