Difference between fake, replicas and counterfeit

Fake apple, replica of Lee brand Jeans, counterfeit brand, we could easily know these three words, and three synonyms as Fake, Replicas and Counterfeit being contained in these three words. Someone will say “this is too easy, we apply these words during our daily life, there is nothing to be distinguished because of same meaning.” well, perhaps this theory is correct when we just read. Only if you think about it more, and you may find some difference among these synonyms as fake, replicas and counterfeit. So what is the difference among three words? Let us analyze slowly and detailed.

Counterfeit VS. Fake

I have discussed with my friend, a teacher for English. So I think these explanation below with enough and complete persuasion. Certainly, you may also refer to related reading material and dictionary online for more detail.

All counterfeits are fakes, but not all fakes are counterfeits. As tdol, a blogger says, ‘counterfeit’ means you are trying to deceive someone, while ‘fake’ just means it’s not the real thing, and doesn’t imply anything about any intention.So counterfeit money is fake money which is also intended to look so much like the real thing, that people can actually use it to buy things.

It’s also possible to have fake money that is not counterfeit. Such a thing is used, for example, in the film business. Although the fake money looks on screen like the real thing, it is not intended to be used to buy things in real life and would be recognized as a fake by anyone who looked at it.

Replica VS. Fake

Replicas and fakes are the same things that are not as original or authentic, but these phrases are used in various contexts. A word replica is essentially utilized to signify that a item that isn’t genuine but is used for a few particular reasons whereas a Fake isn’t merely a product. It’s used in a lot of contexts.

Replicas are duplicates or imitation of authentic products. These goods can be varied, which range from branded things such as, clothing, jewelry, shoes, leather goods, accessories, as well as trophy awarded for sports, etc.. Occasionally the replicas also are utilized in museums and additional sports or award functions since the authentic things are too pricey to be transferred from one site to the other and also the hassles involved to organize for their safety. The major thing about a replica is that they might be quite a close copy and nearly indistinguishable from the authentic or original. Replicas can also be used occasionally when the first thing never existed and it needs to be exhibited in a museum.

There is the example for replica, but it is also the real things as reference for every readers. You may be able to know the define of replica, there are a lot of replica products in China now. No matter what products referring to brand clothes, jewelry and so on, in China the small manufacturers and many private workshops could copy it and produce almost same things but not authentic by brand company,

then they sale the products and commodities to everywhere, not only in China, actually now it is in the USA, or other oversea markets. Brand and retailers still being hurt by replicas products from China. You may read more detail through New USTR.

Well, after we explained about word replicas, then it is time for Fake. As above mentioned distinguished between counterfeit and fake, I think all of you have understood the difference between these two words, but below context about explanation of fake will give you more understand or saying comprehension about word, fake.

Fake goods are duplicates of original products and also therefore are utilized to earn money by selling the low cost and cheaper version for a rather expensive price. The majority of the time, people purchasing fakes will not intent to buy a fake, just as cheap by seller for purchasing a fake.

“Fake” is used to refer to many different items which range from movie collections, to props used in dramas, dance or theatre. The roles of fiction and science stories are well-known as not real characters or saying fake characters. Fictitious examples employed for medication or legislation functions are known as a fake. The behaviour of someone who isn’t behaving like himself is known as untrue behaviour, so called fake behavior.

Fakes may be easily available. They’re more economical due to inferior quality and therefore are at a probability of less harm since they don’t need animals to be murdered as in the case of fake fur and ivory, etc.. In addition, they don’t need licenses as for a lot of guns. Generally language, word as fake and replica are used interchangeably. However, word as replica is used more frequently as a legitimate backup than a fake is considered.

Now I trust that all people have read my post will understand and grasp what difference among these three words Fake, replica and counterfeit. Maybe someone do not care these different meaning because the most of time these words will not give us some bad effect or lousy experience when we use them. But I still believe that correctly using some words, exactly synonym words ensure to help us to communicate with others better. From another angle to analyze, we may know more knowledge about Language, English. Certainly, please expecting my next share of difference among some synonym words, if you are in free, please visit to my blog and read more. I also expect that we may interact for these topic articles.

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